Rights of Persons Served

You will have a choice to:

  • Consent to participate in EJHS programs—unless our services have been legally mandated
  • Consent to the release your information
  • Receive more than one service at a time
  • Give feedback about who you will work with

You will have access to:       

  • Confidentiality.  Your personal information will be kept confidential.  It will only be shared with your permission or if the law requires staff to disclose it.
  • Privacy.  Whenever possible all conversations with staff will take place in private. 
  • Information.  Staff will provide you with current information/resources to help you make decisions and will update you as information becomes available.
  • Your records.  If you would like to see your file, you can make a request in writing to see it and a Manager will give you an answer within 72 hours.
  • Referrals. If you would like to be refered to another program or agency for legal services, self-help services or advocacy service, we will help you.
  • Grievance. If you have concerns that your rights have not been respected, a staff/ supervisor is always available for you to make you complaints. You will be asked to provide relevant information to help resolve your concern/ complaint.  

You have freedom from:

  • Abuse.  You will be safe from physical, sexual or psychological harm from staff Financial or other exploitation.  You will be protected from staff taking advantage of you or your money in any way.
  • Retaliation.  Outside of reasonable consequences, staff will respond to you in a fair and respectful way.
  • Humiliation.  You will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Neglect.  You will be given the support, attention and the care you require.


Responsibilities of those accessing EJHS services …

  • To treat staff with dignity and respect

  • To communicate needs and concerns in a respectful way

  • Understand that abusive, disrespectful, threatening or aggressive behaviours toward staff may result in termination of services and/or calling emergency services.                                                                             



    I believe you guys have done a fine job in preparing me for the real world. 

    Independence Apartments - Client

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     I think you have done an excellent job in showing me how to effectively communicate in the community.

    Edmonton Remand Centre - Client


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    The Adult Support Services staff are helping me in building my self-esteem.

    Adult Support Services - Client

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    Howard House staff helped me make a plan so that I can do my best to avoid illegal substances.

    Howard House - Client

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    The Furniture Program staff were amazing, very helpful and polite to me.  Thank you so much for your support.

    The Furniture Program – Client

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