Our Goal...

To provide a safe, affordable and supportive living environment. Through individual goal plans, youth at The LOFT will acquire the skills and confidence they need to live independently in the community.

Our Program…

• Provides short term supportive housing for 6 males between the ages of 16 – 24 years.

• Serves youth who are experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of experiencing homelessness.

• Supports youth to gain the skills, experience and confidence to live and work independently in the community.

Our Services...

Residents enter The LOFT voluntarily and must be committed to developing independent living skills. Through focusing on resiliency, rapport building, and empowerment staff will offer support and guidance in the areas of:
• Daily living skills
• Financial management
• Social skills
• Communication skills
• Conflict management
• Positive community supports

Youth will be supported to move out when they have demonstrated the ability for financial independence, demonstrated independent living skills, maintained meaningful daily activity, and are able to obtain safe, secure and sustainable housing.  Approximate stays range from 6 to 18 months.

Admissions Criteria…

Residents of The LOFT must be:

• Committed to sobriety.

• Willing and able to work or attend school.

• Willing to live cooperatively with others.

• Willing and able to follow the house rules and expectations.

• Willing to share confidential information with house staff.

• Willing to follow budgeting and banking expectations.

• Willing to participate in an encouraged savings program.

Residents may have a criminal record; however a history of serious or violent crimes can impact eligibility.

Potential applicants will be asked to complete an in-person interview and a financial assessment to determine suitability. Youth may be placed on a waitlist until a bed becomes available.

Applications are available at our main office #101, 10010-105th Street (Ph: 780.428.7590) or by contacting The LOFT at 780.486.7590. Potential applicants will be asked to come in for an interview to determine suitability.  Those suitable will be placed on a waitlist until a bed becomes available.  Potential applicants may be asked for a second interview to check in regarding their status. Applicants are encouraged to connect with the REE*START Program while awaiting admission into The LOFT.








    Howard House staff helped me make a plan so that I can do my best to avoid illegal substances.

    Howard House - Client

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    I believe you guys have done a fine job in preparing me for the real world. 

    Independence Apartments - Client

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    The Furniture Program staff were amazing, very helpful and polite to me.  Thank you so much for your support.

    The Furniture Program – Client

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     I think you have done an excellent job in showing me how to effectively communicate in the community.

    Edmonton Remand Centre - Client


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    The Adult Support Services staff are helping me in building my self-esteem.

    Adult Support Services - Client

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