Decreasing risk factors, increasing protective factors and promoting resiliency

Bridges Treatment Program at Howard House is an 8 bed residential treatment program with a focus on reducing criminal risk for males aged 14-19 in Alberta with status under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Therapeutic Focus

The following areas are addressed during a resident’s minimum 90 day stay in the program:

  • Substance use
  • Basic mental health
  • Emotion management
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Education
  • Life and social skills
  • Risk management
  • Transition planning

Connect to Bridges Treatment Program at Howard House

More information: 780.420.1497  |  email: randerson@johnhoward.orgreferral form:  Click Here

Our Goal…

Providing a community based treatment facility for young male offenders with addictions and /or mental health issues.

We Provide…

  • 8 beds to young male offenders with any status under the Youth Criminal Justice Act except Secure Custody
  • Additional beds for respite care of youth who have completed the program
  • A group home setting between release from custody and full community outpatient treatment
  • Staff support and services 24 hours a day, 365 days per year

Our Services…

Programming has been tailored to a 10 week curriculum in which areas of risk management, emotion management, drug education and social skills are covered through weekly themes. This allows for continuous intake of new residents. Therapeutic programming includes schooling, group and individual counselling, addiction specific treatment, social skills training, life skills education, recreational programming, transition planning and relapse prevention interventions. Bridges has access to the provincial resources of Alberta Health Services Addiction and Mental Health to allow residents to continue with treatment in their home communities upon discharge.

There are no fees for services. Bridges is funded by Alberta Justice & Solicitor General and additional resources are provided by our program partners.

Admissions Criteria…

Bridges is designed for male young offenders, aged 14-19, serving open custody sentences who have addictions and/or mental health issues. Consideration is given on a case by case basis for youth serving a community based sentence.

Youth referred for admission must meet community safety criteria, be assessed for treatment need and demonstrate a readiness for change. A period of detoxification from substances is also required.

All referrals complete an interview in person or by telephone. Arrangements are made to interview the youth upon receiving a completed referral form. Available presentence reports, court ordered psychological reports, police reports, and any pertinent collateral information will assist in the assessment process.

Youth must consent to program expectations and be willing to commit to a minimum of 90 days’ time in treatment. Program admissions are then determined through consultation with the treatment team.

Treatment Goals…

  • To increase protective factors and promote resiliency.
  • To decrease risk factors related to addictions, mental health, and criminal behaviours.
  • To promote quality of life and healthy levels of functioning in major life areas.
  • To promote alternative choices and healthy activities.


Referrals are primarily received from Edmonton and Calgary Young Offender Centres, Probation Offices, and lawyers. However, the program is a provincial resource and can also receive referrals from Child and Family Services and other youth serving agencies.

Please click here for a referral form. For more information, please contact the program at 780.420.1497.

Program Partners…

Alberta Justice & Solicitor General
Alberta Health Services, Addiction and Mental Health
Alberta Education, Edmonton Public Schools