Facilitating the transition from incarceration to community living

Independence Apartments is a 35 bed community based residential facility that provides supports to adult males on conditional release under the authority of the Parole Board of Canada.

Areas of Support

In addition to on-site Parole Officers, each resident is assigned a Caseworker to assist with:

  • Developing Crime Cycles
  • Identifying and managing high risk behaviours
  • Creating Relapse Prevention Plans
  • Achieving client identified goals
  • Community program referrals
  • Supporting former residents

Connect to Independence Apartments

More Information:  780.421.7355 | Email: lprince@johnhoward.orgReferrals: Accepted from institutional and community based Parole Officers

Independence Apartments Brochure

Our Goal… 

Is to facilitate and support the reintegration process of federal offenders transitioning from incarceration to community living; we provide a safe, structured, and supportive environment to ease this process

Our Program…

  • Works in partnership with The Correctional Service of Canada
  • Is a 35 bed community based residential facility that provides service to adult males on release in the community under authority of the Parole Board of Canada
  • Requires referrals from institutional and community based Parole Officers. Independence Apartments conducts formal file reviews to determine each applicant’s suitability to the program
  • Accepts referrals from 101st Street Apartments, where clients have the opportunity to cascade from the Enhanced Program
  • Assigns each resident with a Caseworker who will work one on one with the resident to develop crime cycles, identify high risk behaviours, create relapse prevention plans and focus on client identified goals
  • Requires all residents to be employed, attending school or participating in a pre-approved treatment plan unless deemed medically unfit.

Our Services…

We offer:

  • Shelter and a weekly grocery allowance;
  • Skilled Caseworkers;
  • Two on site Parole Officers;
  • 24/7 staffing and support;
  • Referrals to community programs including the EJHS Adult Support Services;
  • Ongoing support to past residents as required.


Independence Apartments accepts referrals from institutional and community based Parole Officers. Residency is determined by conducting a formal file review which determines the applicant’s suitability for residency.

Residency is determined by reviewing the following:

  • Client’s attitude and release plan
  • Completed programming and adherence to Correctional Plan
  • Willingness and availability of treatment within the community
  • Risk/need assessment